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How I Made Six Figures Podcasting

Learn the tips and tricks that will increase your podcast’s revenue and position your podcast to profit in our power-packed masterclass that covers the fundamentals of revenue generation through podcasting. From what advertisers look for in a podcast to creating a sales process and automating it, this masterclass has it all.

The How I Made Six-Figures Podcasting Masterclass is best for you if:

  • You want to monetize your existing podcast, but you aren’t sure how

  • You want your podcast to reach more people, but you have a small social media following 

  • You have a great podcast that with a little guidance could become better

  • You want to learn how to attract corporate sponsors 

  • You want to learn how to create and automate a sales process for your podcast


Get the tools you need to create a podcast that attracts a tribe of loyal listeners and that generates consistent revenue. In this comprehensive course, you’ll learn about podcast production, how to create captivating podcast content to attract even more listeners, how to monetize your podcast and build a successful brand, plus more.

The Profitable Podcast Course is best for you if:


  • You want to build a podcast and a brand that attracts loyal listeners

  • You want to learn the software and tools you need to produce a podcast

  • You want your podcast to make money while you sleep

  • You want to learn how to prepare your show for iTunes and other platforms

  • You want to learn how to attract advertisers

  • You want to learn about trademarks and more


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