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3 Ways to Market Your Podcast

Podcast marketing plays a key role in increasing listenership. When you have listeners, you have money. People believe that social media will help them reach their audience. There are easier ways to promote your podcast without being on social media. Here are three ways to market your podcast:

Make it easy for your audience to share content

Provide material such as graphics so your audience can share your content. Think of it like this: when you create shareable content, you have ambassadors (listeners) spread the word for free. Convenience encourages your audience to spread the word about your show.

Utilize SEO

The use of SEO helps you rank high in various search engines. Make sure to include metadata and id3 tags in your audio so, when you upload the show pops up. If you have a website, get your episodes transcribed so people can find you based on keywords you’ve used in your episode. Lastly, you can put show notes in the description to get recognized.

Go live while recording an episode

Going live is a fun way to engage with your audience. You’re able to connect with your listeners in real-time and humanize you --- you won’t be a character to them. People typically go live on Instagram or Youtube. The best thing about going live is that you can use it as content and have a video element for the pod.

More About Anchored Media

At Anchored Media, we develop, produce and market high-quality revenue-generating podcasts that make a real difference in people’s lives and help brands connect to a broader audience — all from the ground up.

  • We teach podcasters how to find their voices and refine their messages.

  • We help them discover the value of their unique perspectives and guide them as they design signature styles that attract loyal followers and boost profits.

  • We give brands the tools they need to position their podcasts for exponential growth and long-term success.

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