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5 Things Podcast Listeners Hate + How To Stop Doing Them

Have you ever considered what listeners dislike about podcasts? Here are a few things that podcast listeners hate!


When you are recording it is important to be clear, concise, and effective with your message. If you start to ramble, it discredits your expertise on the subject matter and that will not convert your listeners to customers. Keep your end goal in mind when you record. What do you want your listeners to walk away with? What do you want them to do as a result of your podcast? Create a system or a structure for yourself when you record. Write down your main points and then follow up with sub-points. That way you will have a reference for the topic you’re speaking on.

Concepts with no solutions

We are in an Information Age, where people are constantly fed information that provides them with quick solutions. If you want your audience to potentially be your customers, you should provide solutions for them. When you provide a solution, give just enough so it’ll leave room for your audience to take the next step on solving their problem.

You’re a boring host

Remember you're in competition with your listener’s surroundings --- you want to be the one they focus on! Show your personality through your tone, jokes, and stories. You also make your episodes fun by inviting captivating guests to come on the show.

Your show lacks structure

You need to create structure within your show and that includes the way you speak. A show layout helps you create a great experience for your listener. Segments such as hot topics, questions, and music, etc. Keep your audience engaged. When you speak, speak as though you’re giving a persuasive speech. Those 40 minutes allow you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert. The goal is to teach and persuade your audience to invest. In turn, your listeners will become people who want to invest in you and themselves.

Bad audio

Make sure there’s no other stimulation going on while your listener is tuned into your show. A great way to ensure you have great audio is to invest in a quality mic. Also, use editing software that will allow you to clean up your audio and make smooth transitions. It’s important to make sure your audio is clear and consistent. If you’re not tech-savvy or you don’t have the time, hire a producer to edit your podcast for you.

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