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Do You Need a Large Following to Start a Podcast?

You don’t need a large following to start a podcast! Most people have the misconception that you need a social media presence in order to have a podcast and that’s not the case. Podcast marketing will help you grow your audience. When you strategically market and position your show, your audience will naturally follow you. Should you decide to use a social media platform to build your brand, weigh the pros and cons. Just don't pull all of your eggs in one basket because there is more than one way to build a podcast.

Do not be discouraged or overwhelmed. If you need assistance with starting, building, growing, or monetizing a podcast, see more info from our media company below.

More About Anchored Media

At Anchored Media, we develop, produce and market high-quality revenue-generating podcasts that make a real difference in people’s lives and help brands connect to a broader audience — all from the ground up.

  • We teach podcasters how to find their voices and refine their messages.

  • We help them discover the value of their unique perspectives and guide them as they design signature styles that attract loyal followers and boost profits.

  • We give brands the tools they need to position their podcasts for exponential growth and long-term success.

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