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How to Pick a Topic for Your Podcast

Choosing a topic for your podcast can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many topics to choose from and discuss. How do you decide what topic is best for you? Well, here are a few ways to help you decide on a topic.

What are you passionate about?

When you pick a topic, you want it to be something you’re excited to talk about. Dive deep and figure out what gets you going. You want to make your audience excited about what you have to say and about the transformation they’ll receive after working with you.

What are you an expert in?

Position yourself as an expert on the topic you choose. Speak about issues that you’ve solved and have a proven track record of. When you share your experience, you build your credibility in the subject matter.

What type of content are people actively searching for?

Apple recommends shows based on listening habits. So if you listen to a podcast about tv shows, Apple will recommend a show that speaks on that topic. This will help increase your visibility. You should be creating search-based content. More people are using voice recognition technology to help them search for items. Do a keyword search and type in how to “subject” to find search-based content. When you create search-based content you’ll stand out and be easily found.

More About Anchored Media

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