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Should My Podcast Be Weekly or Seasonal?

Podcasters often get stumped on if their podcast should be weekly or seasonal. While making this decision, remember you don't want to create content you'll be slave to. So, it's important to consider what type of commitment you are able to make. Let's take a look into the difference between a weekly and seasonal podcast to see what best suits you.

Weekly Podcast

If you have a weekly podcast, understand that listeners expect you to have a new episode every week. That's 52 episodes! It's a lot work. Although you can batch record episodes and schedule the episodes for the month, you should consider if you're able to commit to what you have to do on the back end.

Seasonal Podcast

A big misconception new podcasters have about seasonal podcasts is that it won't be able to maintain listenership and that's simply not the case. During the off season, keep in mind there are still new listeners coming across your podcast that can binge your content. In turn, that will build anticipation for your upcoming season. Most importantly, you don't have to produce as many episodes as a weekly podcast and you can tailor it to your schedule.

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