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4 Easy Ways To Track Podcast Analytics

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Collecting analytics is very important to the life of your podcast. Analytics help you track total listens/downloads, growth/decline, and processes that you've done to contribute to the growth/decline. Here are 4 ways to collect analytics.

1. Use Your Hosting Site

Hosting sites like Audioboom, PodBean, and Buzzsprout all provide detailed analytics of how your show is doing. These tools will show you total listens/downloads, listener demographics, top episodes, etc.

2. Surveys

Surveys are a great way to receive direct answers from your listeners about their opinions of your show. These can be performed through free online survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms, or can be as simple as using the question feature on your Instagram Story.

3. The Planner by The Profitable Podcast x Anchored Media

This planner is a hybrid between a planner and a workbook designed to help you transform your show into a lead-generation machine that makes income and impact. The planner contains podcast marketing strategies, episode-planning pages, and monetization ideas. When you purchase the planner, you also get access to our digital suite of resources including podcast analytics tracker spreadsheets, ad rates calculators + more. Click HERE to learn more.

4. Chartable

On this site, you can see where your show charts are in any part of the world! If you want a more in-depth view of how your show is doing compared to others in your category, this is a great resource.

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