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What Software to Use to Edit Audio

When you put out an episode make sure to have quality audio. Quality audio enhances the listeners' experience. If your listener enjoys content and audio, they’ll tune into another episode. In order to create quality audio, you need a good mic and editing software. There is plenty of software you can use to edit your podcast, here’s the software we like to use:

Garage Band

Garage band is only for mac users and it’s free. This program would be ideal for shows that don't require a lot of editing. There’s not much you can do with the audio file.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is available for mac and windows users. This program isn't free, you have to pay a subscription fee. This software is also a bit technical but it allows you to do intense audio editing. This is ideal for shows that have a lot of transitions and/or inserts.


This program is compatible with mac and windows users. It’s slightly difficult and it allows you to do intense editing.

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