Real results from real podcasters.

"I saw a 300% increase In podcast listenership."

Tyra Cobbs, It's Not Your Diary Podcast

"I saw a 900 download increase in just 1 month."

Roslyn Rene, Therapy As A Christian Podcast


"I got over 500 listens on my first episode in 1 week."

Elysha Mase, My Sisters' Glow Podcast

The Fashionpreneur Diaries



Our Solution

Anchored Media worked with Jessica Williams, the CEO of Irregular Exposure, The Fashionpreneur Academy, and an elaborate portfolio of other fashion businesses. She wanted to create a podcast that supported her Academy specifically without the hassle of the strategy, development, and production process. 

She hired Anchored Media to:

  • Develop a podcast concept that directly supported her coaching agency: The Fashionpreneur Academy

  • Handle full production of the podcast so she can focus on her core businesses

  • Create a community outside of social media to connect with and nurture into future students

As a busy CEO, Jessica didn’t have the time to create a new extension of her brand from scratch. She saw the opportunity that podcasting created, but didn’t have the in-house resources or the expertise to dedicate to the success of the venture

We handled full production of her podcast from development to launch and all management activities after. We developed a show strategy that would directly funnel listeners into The Fashionpreneur Academy community. We created a show that not only highlighted Jessica’s expertise, but allowed her to connect personally with her listeners by sharing more personal aspects of her journey that she hadn’t before. This allowed us to build trust, with those who otherwise may have been on the fence with working with her team and convert them into new clients. Since time was our biggest challenge, we created a production calendar that fit seamlessly into Jessica’s busy schedule. Production took place at her offices with all audio recording and editing handled by the Anchored Media team. After launch, we monitored the success and conversion of the show, making any adjustments needed to our original strategy to guarantee continued success.

The Result

What Listeners Are Saying

  • 36k downloads (as of February 1, 2020)

  • Increase of students enrolled in The Fashionpreneur Academy

  • Increased interest and engagement from potential clients and customers

  • Charted Top 100 - Apple Podcasts - United States - Entrepreneurship

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Therapy As A Christian



Our Solution

The Result

What Listeners Are Saying

Therapy as a Christian Podcast is a show for all things mental health and Christ. We discuss how therapy can aid in helping us healing from our past and how God can assist us in that effort. We will discuss different topics, interviews, and reflection sessions from the host, Roslyn Rene, own therapy sessions.

She hired Anchored Media to:

  • Increase her podcast listenership

  • Monetize her podcast

Roslyn had been podcasting for over two years but had not been seeing an increase in her listenership or money coming in from her show.

  • Ranked #95 in the Mental Health Category

  • Went from 0 to 8,000 listens per month

  • Went from 3 to 4 figures in 6 months

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