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Case Study:
Rx for Purpose

Anchored Media initially started working with Dr. Sharla Walker of the Rx for Purpose Podcast under her old brand God, Goals, and Girl Talk. Dr. Walker started with us because while she enjoyed podcasting, she knew that she could get better results in both listenership and monetization by bringing on a team. Initially, she went through our Find Your Voice Academy -Launch Track where she gained the strategy she was looking for, as well as, quick results. As a busy medical professional, Dr. Walker did not have the time to maintain or continue to build on, the newfound success of the show. That’s where Anchored Media came in again with our podcast marketing and management program.

She hired Anchored Media to:

  • Create a strategy to consistently grow her listenership 

  • Rebrand the podcast to better fit her business model

  • Monetize the podcast to earn a return on investment



Dr. Walker’s primary challenges were her limitations on time and devising the best strategy and path forward to reach her growth and monetization goals.

Our Solution

  • Branding: To have the podcast fit seamlessly with Dr. Walker’s business model and overall online brand, we redeveloped the look, feel, and eventually the name of the podcast

  • Marketing + Automation: We crafted, implemented, and monitored a marketing strategy to increase listenership. We also developed a sales pipeline with supporting automation so that Dr. Walker could easily funnel her listeners into her business. 

  • Full-Service Production + Management: We took care of the heavy lifting involved with editing, maintaining a content calendar, and distribution of the podcast on all platforms.

The Result

  • Increased listenership by 25% within the first 30 days 

  • Increased email subscribers by 50% in the first 30 days

  • Generated new consulting clients for Dr. Walker’s business within the first 3 months

  • Monetized podcast via programmatic ad sponsors within the first 9 months

Want to be Our Next Success Story?

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